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3780 Command.jpg

3780 Command Vehicle

3780 - Command Vehicle - Diven by Chief John Dahill, or designated officer. It is a fully equipped emergency response vehicle.


3771 Pierce Saber

3771 - Pumper - This 2002 Pierce Saber Pumper with CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) carries water in a 1000 gallon tank and a 1260 GPM pump. This engine, which was purchased new in April 2002, has seats for up to 8 firefighters, and is used for water supply from it's tank or hydrant.


3772 Pierce Contender

3772 - Pumper - This  2008 Pierce Contender Pumper with it's 1000 gallon water tank and 1260 GPM pump is currently housed at Station #2 on Oceanic Drive. It has the capibility of using either A or B foam to attack either wood or fuel/chemical fires.  Placed in service in October 2008, this engine seats up eight firefighters.

2019 Pierce Saber.jpg

3773 Pierce Saber

3773 - Pumper -This 2019 Pierce Saber is the newest of the vehicles currently operated by your St. James Fire Department. It is currently housed at Station #1. This is the "first-out" vehicle. All three Pumpers are very similar to each othe by design for ease of pump operation and training purposes.


3761 Pierce Aerial Platform

3761 - 85 foot Aerial Platform - This truck, built by Pierce, has a 500 gallon wanter tank and 1500 GPM pump. The vehicle was purchased new in June 2001. It has seats for 8 firefighers and is housed at Station #1.


3795 Rescue Truck

3795 - Rescue Vehicle - Built on a Ford 550 chassis, this vehicle was purchased new in September 2010. It is staffed by Fire Department Rescue Technicians who are specifically trained, certified and supplied with a variety of special equipment to handle any rescue situation.


3777 GMC Brush Truck

3777 - Brush Truck - This 2005 GMC one-ton pickup truck has 4-wheel drive, a five person crew cab, one-ton a 250-gallon water tank and pump. It was purchased new in September 2004 and is intended for off-road, difficult to reach fire scenes. 


3779 Crew Transport 

3779 - Rapid Response Crew Transport - This 2001 Chevrolet Suburban 4 wheel drive was purchased new in June 2002. It carries additional firefighters to the scene of the fire . Housed at Station #2.


4795 Rescue Ambulance

4795 - Ambulance - Manufactured by "Road Rescue", this Type III Ambulance built on a Ford 450 chasis. Purchased  new in September 2007. Staffed by up to 4 Emergency Medical Technicans.


4796 Rescue Ambulance

4796 - Ambulance - .Road Rescue Type III Ambulance built on a Ford 450 chasis Purchased new in September 2019. Staffed by up to 4 Emergency Medical Technicans .


4779 Fire Scene Rehab Truck

4779 - Rehab Unit - This 2000 Chevrolet Suburban is a 4-wheel drive, one ton vehicle with a cab that holds up to 5 EMT'S. It is the EMS vehicle that responds to working fire scenes with tents, tables, chairs and refreshments to provide medical aid and "rehab" for firefighters.

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