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We Need You!

Did you know that seven out of ten firefighters and emergency responders are volunteers in the U.S.? 70% of the communities in the U.S. are protected by people just like you. Individuals that stepped up to serve their community as volunteer firefighters / first responders. Please note, that the other 30% of communities have career firefighters, especially in major cities. The SJFD has an immediate need for additional EMS personnel at all levels to offset some recent and planned retirements. This could be as a First Responder, Medical Responder, or NC certified EMT. SJFD has two BLS certified ambulances that respond to medical emergencies within the St. James Fire District. Your St. James Fire Department is 100% Volunteer and we’re All In to serving our community. What Does It Take to Volunteer? No Experience Necessary! The SJFD will train you in the skills to save lives in your community. We will cover all costs of training and provide you with state-of-the-art equipment. When it comes down to it, volunteering with the SJFD is about having the heart and drive to make a difference where it’s needed most. In addition to EMS, SJFD is constantly recruiting new firefighters, fire/police, and other volunteers to serve our community. For more information click here where you can download an application form or at the bottom of this page download the “I’m Interested” document. Alternatively, you can contact us, at 910-253-9990 or email

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