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What is a KNOX BOX?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

When the alarm sounds your St James Fire Department will respond immediately to check to see if there is actually a fire or, as is often the case, your home or business alarm system has just been tripped by the lightning, loose pets, rodents or other causes.

Once we are called, it becomes our responsibility to see if there is a fire, perhaps hidden in a wall or crawl space, or is just a false alarm. If no one is home this might mean breaking a window or damaging a door. The St James Fire Department wants to avoid this option if at all possible.

Damage can be avoided by installing a Knox Box. A Knox Box is a heavy-duty key box, securely fastened to the wall beside your front door. The SJFD has a master Knox Box key which allows us to open your Knox Box, retrieve the key, and enter without doing damage to the property.

The St. James Fire Department strongly encourages you to invest in a Knox Box to allow us to gain entry to your home or place of business especially if you have an automated alarm system.

For more information about the recommended make and model used in the town, please contact the St. James Fire Department using the non-emergency number, 253-9990

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 12, 2022

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