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N.C. Governor Roy Cooper Signs Proclamation Honoring EMS Workers


N.C. Governor Roy Cooper signed a proclamation that May 15-21, 2022 was Emergency Medical Services (EMS) week. This proclamation is recognizing the contribution of EMS Professionals throughout the State.

Special thanks to our St. James EMS professionals who care for those who cannot care for themselves during an emergency.

The theme for EMS week 2022 was “EMS- Rising to the Challenge” and is timely as our EMS personnel are facing a 50%+ increase in calls over the same period last year and wait times at area hospitals of several hours. Regardless of the hardships faced by our EMT’s, whether it is increased call volume, extended wait times at receiving facilities or shortage of personnel, our St. James EMT’s have truly “Risen to the Challenge”! We appreciate your long hours and taking time away from your families to provide emergency care to serve your fellow neighbor.

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